New Year Eve~

Hehe =) I'm so lazy to update my blog la. Simply update not according to the date ok? Here's my New Year Eve celebration.
On that very day, I still had my dance class over at EarthDance. After dance class, it was raining so heavily so I decided to wait along wit my cousin. We waited for all the other students to leave.
While waiting, I snapped some vain shots of myself. Took a vid of Ricky dancing too. But I think he's gonna kill me if I upload it. Haha!
Then vain shots wit Chee. Chee! What's with your mouth? Haha!
Then wanted to snap pics with Ricky but he busy style his hair. Then I said wana leave liaw. He quickly shout said he wana take pic. Haha! Ricky zhi lian kuang!!!! Haha! JK~
Then me and Chee left ED. That night we both drove. Cos I had to pick mum and bro from airport before going ED. Chee going to meet Siang them after class ma. Hehe =) I went over colleague's house for gathering.
Reaching there I see food!!! Haha! I was the first to reach. It's over at Amy's house. Sze, her bf, Fung, Bee Bee and her family came over. Before anyone touches the food, I quickly snap with my no mega hp. Haha! Got la 1.3mp. LoLx!!!
Chicken wing with mushroom and black pepper sauce. Amy's husband made this. SUPERB!!!
There's nuggets too. 3 to 4 types of nuggets. Haha! Chicken, fish and etc...
Amy made fruit salad too. Yummy~ There's raisins and blackcurrant, apple and pears.
This is my drink, erm....forgot the name though, I had it with lemon. Had coke with lemon too. Hehe =) We all stayed there til 12.30am and I left. Happy New Year Everyone~


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