Sarawak Open Lion Dance Championship

Yesterday after work I went over to the Sarawak Open Lion Dance Championship. I got free tics from Lester. So I decided to go over with Jimmy and Gladys. Jimmy picked both of us up. Hehe =) And we head over to MBKS Stadium at Pending.
I wonder why they put Sarawak Open Lion Dance Championship 2007. Maybe it's me don't understand. Hehe =)
We got the RM10 tics so we're not allowed to go in from here, which is mainly for VIP. Haha!
There were 3 lion heads displayed outside the main entrance. The top one not nice ler.
White lion head...Purity...
Red lion head...Strong and luck!
These are the people who's gonna participate in the championship. I didn't see any familiar association. Cos I only know Nanyang Wushu and Sarawak Wushu. Haha!
This is the first participant. Black lion. This one..kinda bored. Three of us got bored to death. Haha! Choi! Nothing much to see. We only watched this one, it's still the first and then we left =P
They have this posts but they're not doing any show on it. Don't know why. Bored cinz! See photographers around? Surely with this kind of event, how can Alvin miss out right? Haha! Spotted him at the VIP seat.
And guess who I saw, Mr Liong and Mrs Liong with their daughter and grandson. CUTE!!! Biggy biggy eyes kept staring at me. Haha! He doesn't want me to hug ler. Kesian...Baby Sam kept looking at Jimmy cos he made funny faces. Hahahaha!
And there goes....we left after the first show. Head over to Rambo's house~ Stories up laterz~


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