1st day of Chinese New Year

First of all, I wana greet everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year! My first day of CNY is as usual. Woke up around 7smth to get ready. We were to meet up with all the aunties and uncles at my grandparents' house. Me and my parents went in separate cars cos I'll be heading over friend's house in the noon. Hehe =) Bro followed my car and mum and dad went pakto. LoLx!!!Reached there around 9smth. Few relatives were there edy. Some has yet to arrive. Grandma and grandpa had started to distribute 'angpows'. Hiak hiak hiak!!!

Pic above: (top left) That's my grandparents; (top right) Relatives~; (bottom left) Arrival of aunties and uncles; (bottom right) That's my mum giving 'angpows' to my cousins. Hehe =) She wore til so red on the first day. White top with red patterns, red skirt, red handbag and red pumps!!! That's my mum =D
Pic above: These are my cousins. Some are currently at KL, some at Sabah and some stays here. Hehe =) Those in KL and Sabah, they only comes back once in two years during CNY.
This is us! The triplets who played and laugh and joke and cried and fool and is always for each other since lil~ We love each other to the bits! Muax!

Around 11am, we left to visiting around relative's house. Firstly, we went to 5th aunty's house at Penrissen. Then head over 2nd uncle's house for lunch. Then 3rd uncle's house for dessert. Hahaz!

By 4pm, everyone departed home. Mum, dad and bro went home to prepare for dinner cos everyone will be going our house for dinner that night. I didn't go home =/

I went over YL's house. Hehe =) Stayed there til 5.30pm and left for Mr & Mrs Liong's house. Met up with other colleagues over there as well. Then around 6.30pm I left for Mr Kuang's (my boss @ my granduncle) house. His house was opened that night but I can't stay long cos my house was open too. So before everyone arrives at Mr Kuang's house, I left dy. Hehe =)

Went home, and blah! My house was packed! LoLx! House too small bah. Seeing my dad busied in kitchen, I rushed to help him with the dishes. Then there's food, laughter, gamblings, games and movies all over. Hehe =) Around 9smth, my colleagues came over as well. Then we together left to Ms Chan's house. I went home around 11pm. Phew~ That's my first day~

Picture of the day:...My family portrait~



levian said…
aw .. i love the family portrait !! such loving feeling. :) Happy Chinese New Year, though a little late, hehe. :p

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