2nd Day of Chinese New Year

2nd day of CNY, everyone went over my 3rd aunty's house for lunch. After lunch, as usual, all my aunties and my mum will gamble. Hiakz! I left to Aurelia's house. Reaching there, chit chat and kong wu kong bo. She served me her ownmade cheese cake. Yummy~ Thanks Aure! It's nice! Then we two called up Kelly and went over her house.

When we reached there, only Kel's bf and Phoebe were there. Then came Melvin and Nelson. Then Kelly sent Phoebe home. After Melvin and Nelson left, Elaine and bf came. Then we start camwhoring. Muahaha! Girls bah! It's been ages since I last saw Elaine. Gosh! Really miss her lots!!! And Elaine dear, u've grown so much much prettier!!!
Elaine's bf willingly be our photographer. Hehe =) We tease and joke beh tiam. LoLx! Then around 5smth, we all left. I sent Aure home and left to Chee's house.

As usual, 2nd day of CNY's dinner will always be at Chee's house cos it's her bro's birthday. Lucky guy! So all relatives and lotsa friends will be there too. ED gangs were there too!!!
We mustn't miss this every year! Hahaz! It's us again! Muax baby muax!
Then my mum called me to help photoshoot sikit. It's the 7sisters. One is missing. Aunty Grace and family went traveling to China. Si beh song cinz! Me mummy is the 4th sister~! Muah!
There~! The naughty boys from ED. Present were; Warrence and gf Fen, Ricky, Ben, Boy and gf Shirlene, KF, Raymond and two of his friends. We had so much fun that night! Really love them! No matter how quiet the situation can be. Once there's music, they'll be heat up!
And brEAk the ruLes!!! Just look how cooL they are!!! And the winner of the night goes to Ah Ben!!! His new way of breaking! Cool isn't it?
Then they start bullying KF. Hahaz! Kesian KF. Whole night he was the one kena target. It was Siang and Warrence's idea to do this african dance thingy when they saw KF on the floor. I was laughing and at the same time trying to snap pics. So the pics are quite blur. LoLx!
Next! Story line, King wanted to attack Ah Siang. Then in order to protect himself, Ah Siang fought back. But sadly the innocent Ah Ben who wanted to help King got punched! Ouch!
And then, somewhere in the middle of shooting this movie, Warrence came in out of nowhere to capture King. Not knowing which side was Warrence at, Ah Siang continued to protect himself by hitting whoever was present. In the end, all got beaten down by Ah Siang! -The End-

LoLx!!! What a story. Anyway, it was really fun. After the jokes and dances and all, we settled down for movie. Firstly we watched The Wicked Ghost. It was quite scary. I called mum to say I wasn't going home. Afraid to drive home alone la ok! LoLx! Then continue to the next movie. About 2.30am, they all headed home. Left Ah Siang there with me and Chee. They continued to watch movie til I don't know what time cos I fell asleep. Hiakz!
These are the pics of the fireworks I took that night using my Casio 6.0megapix camera. Hehehe =D Not bad right? It's not the biggy DSLR like JF's or Pazuzu's or Allen's or Tim's boh!! It's just a digicam nia. Hiakz! Very satisfied with my own photography. Til then, chaoz!


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