Chapter 1: First sight

Someone threw the question onto me...I was happy but I hesitated and rejected...

On a Wednesday evening, she was rushing her way to school. "I'm late!" she mumbled to herself. Reaching school, parked her car and ran up to class. First day of the new semester. Nervously, she opened the door, everyone's eyes were on her. "Darn! 10minutes late!" she scolded herself in her own thoughts. The class was almost full of student. She quickly spotted a seat just by the door. Seated next to her was a young good-looking guy. Neither did she bother to even greet him.

Sat down and teacher started class. Mr D introduced himself to all the students. Mr D is a very funny man. The class was filled with laughters. Notes were being distributed. Many students were still without text books include her and also him.

The night passed without any conversation. Both 'em kept quiet the whole while. She took a lil peek at him. Long sleeve button shirt, black long pants and black shoes. Fair skin, petite and gentle. Dare not she ask for his name. Time passed. Class ended and they departed home without goodbyes.

To be continue...


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