Chapter 2: It's him again

Thursday evening, she was all prepared for class. "I must not be late again," she said to her colleague and left for school. When she reached school, she found a nice parklot. "How perfect," she thought and skipped happily to class.

Slowly she opened the classroom's door. She was as nervous as the previous night. It was the first class for P10. So there will be new faces again.

When she opened the door, to her surprise, it was him again! The same guy who sat next to her in P7 class last night. Surprised, happy, excited, relieved? There was no word to describe her feelings at that moment. Without hesitation, she took the seat and sat next to him.

She felt so much relieved in her to actually see a familiar face in the class. Ms F introduced herself and class started. Then again she was without textbook but this time, he has. Being a gentleman, he shared his book with her.

Throughout the night, silence kept both of them occupied. Class ended and again they departed without goodbyes.

To be continue...


Sharon said…
Iyo.. "She" should say thanks to share the book and at least a "bye bye" after end of the class. haha.
Anonymous said…
haha.. funny blog but is meaning.. gt chance get u a well-known director for shooting into movie.yl.
sharon (^.^) said…
at least say thank you and smiled lorh
ahlost said…
hahaha... Eee... You didn't ask for his name in 3 hour class? o_O

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