Chapter 3: HV

The second week arrived, it's gonna be Mr D's class again that night. As she was getting ready for class, her mind played back last week's scene. She dislikes it when everyone's eyes were on her as she walked in the class. So she decided to leave earlier to class.

While walking into class, she stopped by the notice board to look at the schedule for the day. It's the class arrangement schedule.

Subject: P7
Lecturer: Mr D
Class: HV

"HV?" she thought. Changed of class. Previous week they used LD for class. Different class means different seating. She sighed and reluctantly walked into the lift.

As she opens the door, only a few students were in the class. Mr D wasn't there yet. Then, she spotted him. Sitting alone at the back of the class. Being a student who prefer to sit at the front row, she ignored him, walked to the first row and sat down. Little did she know that he was actually waiting for her.

Mr D came in and sat right in front of her. Before he starts class, he asked how many students were still without textbooks. She raised up her hand and turned around to look at the rest. There were still a few students without their textbook. She saw him with his textbook and again, she ignored and turned back.

An hour passed, her handphone suddenly vibrated. It's a sms received from E. The sms read, "I'm here." E were to pass some stuff to her. So she went downstairs to get 'em. When she went back into class, she took a glimpse at him before sitting down.

She was alone that night and so was he. Time seemed to pass very slowly for her. When the clock strike 9.30pm, Mr D called it for the night. She packed her stuff and leave. It's without goodbye again, for the third time.

To be continue...


sharon (^.^) said…
o_O why dun u sit next to him.. make friends at least
ahlost said…
yearor... Next chapter please.. Hahahahaha...

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