Chapter 4: Gorgeous eyes

It was Friday night, p10 class tonight. She had her stuff done, changed her clothes, took her dinner and left for class at the usual time. It was a lil jam on the road to school. But she managed to reach school on time.

Getting into the lift and into class. She was all prepared for the class that night. Opening the door, only about three to four students in class. Am I in the right class, she thought but then remembered the similar faces of those girls. So she settled herself down.

Hmm..why isn't he here yet, the question played in her mind. Then suddenly the door opened slowly, it was him. Their eyes met. They exchanged smiles and nodded. She was excited and so was he. His eyes brighten up like the shining diamonds. His eyes are gorgeous. Realizing herself looking at him for some moment, she looked away to distract herself. He walked to sit beside her. They didn't speak to each other just yet.

Ms F came in and class started. During class, they did laugh when Ms F joked and turned to look at each other. P10 class was always quiet. Less students than P7 class. And students are more focused on lecturer.

When class ended, while packing stuff, she spoke up. "Erm..excuse me. Erm..can you lend me your textbook? Cos I wana photocopy it," she asked after a long thought. "Yeah sure!" he replied with a smile. "Thank you," she replied back with a smile as well. They left the class together and went down. By the lobby, they bid each other goodbye and went home with a smile on their face.

To be continue...


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