Chinese New Year Eve @ Spring

Ok ok. I'm gonna start blogging about my CNY this year. Gonna start from CNY eve. My dad and bro went back kampung for reunion dinner. I didn't follow cos my mum has to work on that day. So I'll be accompanying her to dine with my aunties and uncles at night.

On that day, I woke up early in the morning to clean my house. I did my second time vacumn the whole house and wipe certain areas. Cleaned my room as well. Then it was time for lunch. Called YL out for lunch. We went over Spring.
Since it's CNY eve, Digi had a roadshow at Spring with their very own 'Cai Shen Ye'. Hahaz! Handsome isn't he? LoLx!!! Gong Xi Gong Xi!!
After walking around, we stopped by the newly opened The Chicken Rice Shop which came all the way from KL I think. I remember always seeing the advertisement on tv.
Look at the cute lil culinary tray. It's a rooster!
*slurps!* Even the menu makes you drool~~~ We were there joking saying let's order all these. BUT!!! What we didn't know is that.....
These are what we ordered!!! OMG!!! It's a h**l lot!!! We sat on a table for two. Our table was SUPER small and the whole table was full!!! LoLx!!! Si beh pai seh!!! Now people, this is only two sets ok? Each set is for one person ONLY!!! And look at all those! Gosh! We were wondering how are we gonna finish all them since the two of us doesn't eat much. Hahaz!
There, the set consists of 1 plate of beancurd with braised eggs, 2 plates of breast meat, two pcs of pai tee and a bowl of dessert. Those not in picture were: 2plates of bean sprout, 2 bowls of soup, 2 plates of rice, chinese tea and pepsi.

That's really too much for two person. We didn't manage to finish them all up. What's left were one bowl of soup, one plate of bean sprout and part of the beancurd. LoLx!!! We were reaLLy REALLY FULL!!!! These two sets cost us only RM25.08 eh. Not bad hor? It's actually RM22.80 and plus service charge of 5%. Not bad not bad. But next time will remember, call one set is enough for two of us. Hahaz!
There you go~ The Chicken Rice Shop~ It's fully recommended for family~


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