Chinese New Year on its way

Hola people~ I know my blog had been dead for days. Due to my heavy workload I wasn't able to update my blog. But now that I am free, I'm back to daily updates!

Well, as everyone should know, Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Counting...4 days more!!! Have you all done your shopping spree and house cleaning and decors? As for me, I'm done with my shopping spree. Last night was the last shopping for my CNY and account's closed! Hahaz! (p/s: I am broke now!)

And as for house cleaning and decors, last weekend I did some vacumn and wiping the corners. This morning sweep the floors too. It's no use cleaning your house too early cos after a week it's gonna be like before you clean. LoLx! So why bother? Wait til the last day la! I'll clean one more time on the last day. Hehe =D

Decorations...Chinese New Year is the time whereby one should fill their house with red packets, red ribbons, red decors....EVERYWHERE! I went shopping for decorations stuff last few days during lunch time. Bought few decors and they all only cost me RM8.50. How cheap! LoLx! Let's see what I had bought...
A very big FU word. Hehe =D Fu means luck. I filled my house with luck this year. Hiakz!
There's angpow packets (those are free =D) and that's my mum's idea of hanging little stuff at the angpow packets. Haha! Don't know where she got this idea. I bought the dangling stuff. It's only RM0.30 for one!!! They consists of golden 'bao', gold fish, gold oranges, gold fans and alot more others. It's so cute!!! I did bought a very big 'bao' which my mum put it on our living room tv but I forgot to take pic of it. Hahaz! Maybe will post it in my next post. Btw, 'bao' is the gold money which were used by the people in China last time =D
I found this decor stuff somewhere so I decided to hang it at my kitchen's light. LoLx! I think my mum's gonna laugh when she sees this. She's not home now. Hiak hiak!
I bought few stalks of erm....'mei hua' (I think that's what its called). Each stalk cost me RM1.20. I bought 7 stalks overall. Hehe =D I love to decor ler~ And I love to make flower arrangement too. Hiakz! That's all for this post. Hope you guys will decor your house nice nice also~ Cheers people~ *backz to decor*


ahlost said…
why your logo has got two siu kiong? hiak hiak..

wah.. you like decor ah? come to my house and decor ler.. *LOL*

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