Happy Birthday Sharon~!

Happy birthday Sharon~! Sorry I'm kinda in a rush so I'll make a short post for you ya? First of all, let's introduce who Sharon is. Hiak hiak hiak! She's the owner of pynk-candy.com. A sweet girl who loves pink A LOT!!!

How do I get to know her? Blog lor! Hahaz! No la. Actually I know her through skype. Jimmy intro de leh. Hehe =) What else hor? Hmm...I know she's very in lub wit her Lemon lor. And she lub lub lub cute cute stuff. LoLx! Which girl don't? Oya! I know she very shy de. Haiyo Sharon dear ah. Blogger mana boleh shy worh. Come out meet with us ma. Hehe =D I don't want loso so much la. Show you something~
Sharon dear, since I know you love pink. So I got you a pink strawberry + kiwi cake! I think Alysha Momi will tiu alot lor. Cos she'll go nuts when she sees the strawberry later. Hahaz! I should be keeping this cake for her but later too long it will 'seh ko' so I give you first =P
There you go~ The pic above is our Sharon dear~! Sweet leh! Pink leh! Hahahaz!!! I wana do something gok...

Sharon is sweet,
Sharon loves pink,
Sharon is she,
Our one and only dear~!

Hereby I wana leave some wishes for you:~
@ Wish you happy birthday~!
@ May all the angels and saints be with you always~!
@ Wish you all the best in everything you do~!
@ Wish you stay sweet and pretty always~!
@ Wish you have happy sweet everlasting moments with Lemon~!
@ Wish you always healthy and wealthy~!
@ Wish you success in career~!
@ Wish you happy happy happy all the time~!
@ Wish you stay slim always~!

Oki~! 9 wishes sent to you! 9 means everlasting! Hiakz! Til then...chaoz!

Perpetua Angeline


sharon (^.^) said…
thanks darling...!!!

im so so so touched!!!

u're super duper wuper shweet and you're d sweetest!

wow.. kenot express what i feel now..

thank you so so much.. XOXO..

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