How to tell if he's totally into you!

Since Vday is also around the corner, just wana post something lovey dovey up~ I was reading the seventeen mag (I know I'm not 17 anymore). Hahaz! And I came across this article which looks interesting to me. It's guy's body language. Enjoy it gurls~ And guys, do give me some feedback whether these are really true or not. Cheers~

1. Locking eyes - "When I see a girl I'm interested in, I feel shy, but I make sure to keep plenty of eye contact with her. The key is focusing solely on her-not your friends!"

2. Changing his style - "I'll start to style my hair to fit her personality, like depending if she's preppy or punk. I'll also splash on some cologne so I smell good when she goes in to hug me."

3. Acting chill - "A girl can tell I like her by how I talk to her. If we talk like she's just another one of my boys, then that's the hint that I want to pursue her."

4. Showing off - "I play guitar so if I like a girl, I'll write a song and sing it for her. My crush must have really liked it because now she's my girlfriend!"

5. Sending notes - "I'll send a random text to a girl I like. Simple messages like 'Hey, what are you up to?' or 'How's your day?' let her know she's being thought of."

6. Paying the bill - "If we go out to eat and I pay for both of our meals, that is a sure sign that I really like her. When I am 'just friends' with a girl, we each pay our share of the bill."

So guys and girls, take note and leave some comments for me. Thanks~


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