List of requirements? Hehe...

Alright. Obviously I'm out of stuff to do now and am too bored here since no one is online to chat with me. Well, might as well take this chance to 'ngey ngey' update my blog. Hahaz!

Recently I've been asked about my requirements for my other half. Some asked, what are my requirements, some asked what are my taste, some asked what type of guys attract me. Funny huh. All of a sudden. Anyhow, doing them a favor back, I decided to list my requirements in here.

So here goes:....

1. Loyal
2. Non-smoker
3. Non-midnight-clubber (I don't wana sleep alone cos I'm afraid of being alone in the dark)
4. Loves kids
5. Knows how to cook (at least when I can't cook, he's there to cook for the kids)
6. Willing to help with house chores
7. Respect my freedom
8. Respect elders
9. Has a stable career
10. Clean and neat and tidy (I can't cope with someone who laze around with newspapers, clothes, towel, shoes and everything else everywhere in the house)
11. Image matters (but not too over till has to dress up an hour before! Or kept asking me how does his hair looks like or is his shirt tidy enough)
12. Punctual (I hate late-comers cos I hate to wait)
13. Animal lover
14. Isn't a spendthrift!!! (but not too stingy or calculative)
15. Doesn't mind so much about what brand he uses =)
16. Not picky with foods
17. Doesn't compare both our abilities
18. Knows how to swim (cos I don't =D)
19. Doesn't mind my past
20. Sincere


I think that's enough eh. Hahaz! Didn't know I can actually listed out so many terms and conditions =D Some which I noted, is a MUST-HAVE. Hehe =) Others negotiable. LoLx!!!


jnet_h1lary88 said…
wah... so perfect eh? i think that species of guys are very little. good luck finding him ya? tell me when u do find him. i want to see him for myself. lol. not that i'm being sarcastic. =D

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