My First Nail Art

Finally I have the time to update my blog. My blog's been so outdated for the whole CNY. Hahaz! Anyway, I did my very first nail art during this CNY. While everyone was busy playing with fireworks, I busy myself with nail arts. I bought some blings blings. It's very cheap ah! 50cents for one packet. Small packets la. But can use many times worh~
Pics up! Black and white! Hahaz! My blings are of purple triangle and white round shapes.
The pics blur cos I use my hp to take. Hp camera no macro mode ma!
Nice? Ok la hor? First time worh. My uncle haolien si. He said why wana waste so much of my time painting and sticking all these bling bling. Mine da best la. Save money and save time *pointing to his own nails*. Hahaz!


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