Reunion Dinner @ Tian Chu

This year, I had my reunion dinner with mum and aunties uncles and cousins. It's different from previous years cos mum had to work til 7pm. Kesian~ It's nice of my uncle to invite us to reunion dinner together. We had our dinner at Tian Chu @ 3rd mile. I can't remember what's the english name of the place. Hehe =P

Since mum and I had to wait til after 7 pm then can go, when we reached there, we missed two dishes dy. First dish is the 'lau shen'. My cousin, Ing said she 'lau' my share dy and she's sweet to keep some for me. Thanks~ She even kept a bowl of soup for me. Hahaz! The only thing I do was eat and eat and eat once I sat down. Didn't even have time to greet people. LoLx! Third dish dy lor. It's the 'mantou' with pork. Nice! I love this dish!!!
There...the bowl of soup which Ing left for me. Hehe =D
This one is mix vege. There's mushrooms, brocolli, sea cucumber, seaweed and others.
Fifth dish: Prawns!!!!!! Now this prawns are nice!
Last dish: It's the so-called 'ba zhang'. Hahaz! Cos according to chinese calendar, we eat 'ba zhang' (dumpling) at the end of the year, so this 'ba zhang' will always come out last when dine at restaurant. Hehe =D
Then! This is a must. Girls bah!! Vain and vAiN and VAIN!!! Cheers gurls~ Love you all~
And lastly, our table, only cousins la. All teens bah. Hehe =D We had our very own 'yam seng' session. Hahahaz!!! Our voice 'sapu' the whole restaurant. LoLx! Happy reunion everyone~


Sharon said…
Wow so nice oh go makan at restaurant. FYI, Tian Chu = Chef's Special. Wakakaka!!

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