Superstar Travis~!

Last night mum asked for my help to ask around for people to vote for her friend's son. I was like O.o? Apa tu? Hehe =) Then my mum susah susah explain to me. Hahaz! It's her friend's son who joined the Superstar contest at Astro. She still said if she's not mistaken la. LoLx!! Mum mum..biasalah~!

Anywayz, just doing her a favor back. I decided to post it up so can ask for more help. So calling people from all over Sarawak!

Travis is his name (sorry no pic). He's from Kuching, Sarawak. The one and only Sarawakian who manage to get into finalist. Please vote for him!

For those with Astro, the show is at Channel 708.

Date: 24-02-2008
Time: 8.30pm - 10pm

SMS "TRAVIS" and send to 33399 !!!!!!!!! Please send him a vote! Thank you! Make us Sarawakian proud!!!


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