What a Valentine's day...

As everyone is very well known about, today marks the day of love. Valentine's day it is. A day to be happy about. A day to be celebrated with your loved ones. A day to be memorable.

Sigh...indeed a very memorable day for me. I found out that I did a very huge mistake. Sigh!!! It's my fault for being so careless. Darn me! Still can't get it out of my head. Stupid stupid me!

Nah..I think everyone should just ignore this post cos I'm here to complain only. I saw 2 accidents on road just now eh. One at Ong Tiang Swee road and one opposite The Spring. Haiyaz. It's Vday yet there's accidents around. I nearly got into one myself. I think twice eh or thrice? Don't know la. Don't bother. Was occupied by my thoughts. Sienz!!!

How did my Vday went? Mistake, near accidents and work and work and work. It's like none other past Vdays of my life. Hehe =D A Vday being single~ Weeeee~ Ok. You can call me crazy.

Hmm....I did, did something similar during this year's Vday eh. For the past years, I've been making Vday cards for my 'that someone'. This year, though I don't have that particular 'someone', but I did made a Vday card for someone. What am I talking about with the someones someones?? Hahaz!

Anyway, to that someone, you read what I wrote la. But it's a lil too late now I know. Hehe =P It's ok. Thanks for accompanying me throughout the night~ Now this gift, is priceless =) Happy Valentine's Day to you~

No expectation this Vday. Cos I know it's gonna be a lonely one. Cheers to you all~ Sorry about this annoying emo-cin post. Happy Valentine's Day~!


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