Anna's Double Two~!

Last Friday was Miss Anna Bella Wong's birthday~! Miss Anna is the well-known owner for Miss Anna is double two this year. Mm...nice figure Anna. Hehe =)

Well, just a short post for you dear alright? First of all, I wana apologize for not informing you anything about your invitation. My pc were sent to hospital for days, which means, I can't check my mail. Sorry ya gurl~ I only read your mail yesterday (Sun).

I hope that night you really enjoy yourself. Heard you cook yourself eh? Hehe =) Kesian I missed out. I can only see the pichas lor. There'll be no pichas of the night here people. But later will link them. Hiakz! Cos I know someone already posted the ultra monkeys post. Blek~

Dear Mish Anna~! Lets have double wishes for you since you're double two~

#Happy Birthday to YOU~!
#Wish you all the best in everything you do~!
#May God bless you~!
#May all the angels and saints be with you always~!
#Wish you stay healthy always~!
#Wish you stay wealthy as well~! *kaching kaching*
#Good luck with your studies~!
#Wish you success in your career~!
#Stay pretty~!
#Stay cute~!
#Stay sweet~!
#Stay cheerful~!
#Stay slim~!
#Stay sEXy~!
#Stay vain!!!
#Stay like the ultra monkey~! But don't eat too much bananas oh~ JK!!!
#Wish you success in your baking~! Mam mam!!!
#Stay loud and crazy!!! But don't take over Gladys oh~! LoLx!!
#May your wishes come true~! *winks*
#Smile always~!
#May your life be filled with lotsa love~!
#Stay happy happy HAPPY always~!

Alright~! Did I just posted double two wishes for you? Hehe =) Hope my calculation isn't wrong. Hahaz! Last but not least, let's sing a birthday song shall we?

Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to Anna~

p/s: I kena steal your pic again =P but don't know why so small. Hehe =)


ultranana said…
Thanks a lot dearie!

Haven't seen you for awhile edi!

Take care

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