Chapter 5: What's your name?

She grabbed her stationaries, notes and off to school. Sped her way through the jams and reached school on time for class.

As usual, P7 class on Wed night will be held in HV. Walked through the similar familiar lobby and alley to class. She sighed cos its class again. And she's without her textbook still. Reluctantly she opened the door, peeked inside. "He's not here yet?" she thought to herself. Then she went to sit at the first row.

"Tick tock, tick tock," the clock ticking its way. Doors opened and closed. Students came into class one by one. "Why is he so late today?," she thought again but refused to admit that she's waiting for him.

Then, when the class was almost full, he opened the door gently. Their eyes met once more. She held her breathe. The class seemed to be empty all of a sudden. He walked by the tables. She immediately stopped him, "Hey, can you sit with me? Cos I'm still without textbook. Hehe." He softly replied, "Oh ok." And he sat down beside her.

Class started. Then there's a short break in between. "It's quite cold here," he said, looking at the air-con just right above them. "Yeah it is," she replied. It was indeed very cold. Her hands were freezing.

When class was about to end, attendance list were being passed around for students to sign. Finally the list reached them. He dropped down his signature and passed the list to her. "What's your name?" he finally asked. Smiled at him, she pointed to the list of names and said, "There. That's my name." "How to pronounce?" he asked with curiosity. She laughed a little and teased him to try. So he did, with just a little confidence. "Perfect! You got it right, " she said with smiles on her.

Then she asked back, "What's yours?". He did the same as her, pointed to the list of name. And with that, they started their conversation. They talked from class, to lobby and to goodbyes. It was again, a night to remember.

To be continue...


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