Chapter 6: Getting attracted

Last week P10's class was being canceled due to Ms F wasn't feeling well. It was a long hectic week for her. She didn't really bother to think about him. She was packed with her heavy workloads. As for him,'s not like she know anything about him besides just his name.

Tonight is P7's class. And again, Mr D with his lecture at HV. She reached school a little earlier that evening. There were still a lot of empty parking lots. She eased herself into one and looked around. His car wasn't anywhere around. She took her sweet time, get her bag from the car boot, tidied her stuff and throw away the waste.

Then, he came. Parked his car a few lots away from hers. She felt her heart beating a little faster than usual. Saw him took his bag and walked towards the lobby. She pretended as though she didn't see him arrived. She walked up beside him and greeted.

"Hello," she smiled to him. "Hi," he replied. "HV again huh?" she said referring to the schedule. "Yeah," he said and walked to the lift as the door opened. "So, work?" he asked. "Yes and you too?" she asked back. "Yes," he replied and then the door opened in front of them to an empty pathway. They walked in silence to class.

"Let's sit at the back. It's cold here," he said to her and pointed out the empty seats a few row behind. "Alright," she laughed as she remembered how cold was it last week when they sat there. Then, they sat down and waited for class to start.

During class, they talked about lots of stuff. Somehow she notice a little similarity in their interest and ways of thinking. When class ended, they departed home. This time, with more knowledge of each other.

To be continue...


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