Chicago 7

3rd day of CNY, I had my dinner over at Chicago 7 with YL. He'd been there but I haven't so he decided to bring me over to have a taste of what they have. Hiakz~

Chicago 7 had been opened quite some time dy. It's located at the old Maybank at the traffic light to 3rd mile opposite KFC. Same location with it were the France & Taipei bridal studio, Eastmoore Cafe and Unisense.
The exterior...
That's their main entrance.
The interior...

The history of Chicago 7's chicken. The founder of Broasting. And there's a map of the United States of America.
They provide a lil playground for kids. Hehe =)
We had the same drink, ice lemon tea. Hiakz~
This is mine, cow-cheese burger. That's what written on the board. LoLx!
Chicken wings, mashed potato, salad and fried potatoes. Not bad lah. But the only thing I'm not quite satisfied was the set meal. The set meals doesn't include drinks. Gotta order separately. Price? Almost the same around =)


ahlost said…
I've never been there.. Hmmm...

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