Happy Belated Birthday to Ms Gladys~!

Dear Ms Gladys,

Sorry for this very SUPER DUPER late post especially just for you. Been quite packed with my schedule for the past few weeks. Haven't online for quite some time though. Hehe =)

LoLx! What the heck am I doing? I'm here to wish Gladys birthday lea~!

Owh...I wana apologize gok. Sorry I can't make it to your birthday party. Hehe =)

Gladys...hmm...well known for being loud and cheerful and helpful!!! Agree? Those who don't agree please leave this blog now. Hiakz! She so lovable~! So huggable~! So laughable~! So crazyable~! So chubitable!!! Blek~

Gladys can always manage to put a bright shiny sun on everyone's day even if your day is already bright enough! She's always there to lend a helping hand! No doubt! She's been there for me when I needed her most! Thanks lots for the last Dec gurl! Hugs!

She is someone to cherish...
She is someone you can depend on...
She is someone you can never forget...
She is someone you will say you love most...
She is Ms Gladys! The owner of gladiezz.com
Hereby present to you, the pic above is Ms Gladys~! Hugs baby!


p/s: Her all-time favourite color is PURPLE!!!


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