Happy Birthday Wilson~

Hey there~ Today marks the day Wilson will be 20years old lor~ No more small boy liaw. Big big boy dy. Hehe =) I'll make this post short ok? Kinda rushing into stuff right now.

Here's a birthday cake specially for you~ How coincidence I found this cake. LoLx!!!Hope you enjoy your birthday lots~ Hmm...think I should write something more about you eh?

~Blog owner of themoleyone.blogspot.com
~Very emo and jiwang since the day I know him. Blek~
~A very very tall guy
~Muscular...but he claims that all those are turning into fats =P
~Knows how to breakdance as well~
~A very obedient boy to his mummy. Hehe =D

What else do I know about you? Hahaz! Lets show your face to the world~
Mr Wilson a.k.a. themoleyone! Blek~ And again, I'm here to list down my wishes to you:-

#Happy happy happy always~! Don't emo liaw!!!
#May God bless you always~!
#May all the angels and saints be with you always~!
#Dance better and better and better~!
#Stay healthy and wealthy always~!
#Hope one day you'll find the one for you~!
#Stay young! Stay cool! Stay lengzai! LoLx!!!!

The past is the past
Do not look back and frown
Look forward for what's waiting
Reach out to those who love you most
Everyone's present for a reason
Don't haunt yourself with darkness
Look out into the light
The light that God shone on you
Be blessed...



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