I made him sad...

It's really hard to make this decision...

It took me days to decide. Days which seem to be years. It was, well, can say as the hardest decision I've to made so far. I didn't know how and where to. But I know, I had to make this decision. A decision which will destine my future.

And so I did. Today. Picked up the phone and called Sis Judy.

That was still nothing. Until. It's time to tell him. It was hard. Very very hard for me to open my mouth. I was very, very reluctant but I know. I had to. Do it today. Wandered myself here and there. Asked everyone I could ask for helps. But nothing does any help to me.

To the count of three. I took a deep breath and walked to him. The minute I sat down, I was trembling inside. Then when he spoke up, my tears rolled down my cheek. Sigh...

I didn't want to...but...I had to...

He, who guided me through thick and thin.
He, who gave me chances over and over again.
He, who never scold me though I'm wrong.
He, who thought me about life.
He, who thought me how to be me.
He, who loves me like no one else does.
He, whom I love so much.

He, is my granduncle @ my boss. The best boss you could ever have on earth. The best granduncle to be by your side when you needed support.

p/s: Uncle, I'll still find you for tea break and accompany you to breakfast =) I'm gonna miss you lots! *hugs*


ahlost said…
You told him dy? I thought not that soon? :( Means.. I'm not going to see you more often now? :(

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