Not Just Memories

Looking deep into your eyes
I see sparkles and twinkles
They're like diamonds dancing in the rain
The utmost beautiful thing I've ever seen

Holding you near to me
Hearing your steady heartbeat
Feeling your warm breath
I wished time would stop

Kisses being showered all over
Demanding yet sweet and loving
I felt the energy of love
All that come from you

You showered me with care
You pampered me with love
Sitting in the dark right now
Memories made me smile

Our sweet times, our loving times
Times when we spoke no words
But yet we know well
Of how our hearts beat together

I wish, I pray, I hope
Our times will not be just memories
Our times will last
Like the eternal burning flame

p/s: Specially for my sweet baby love, Yong Lim~

With hugs and kisses,
Perpetua Angeline


ahlost said…
So sweeettt ~~~~

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