Happy BeeeeeeeLATED Birthday to Paul~

I know I know. This post is SUPER DUPER HYPER LATE! Hahaz! Due to my heavy workload and many other stuff, I am very very VERY SORRY to Encik Paul Wong yang dah tunggu lama for my post for him. Hahaz! Sorry handsome! =D

I don't really know Paul though. Only tau he's ahlost'ses brother. Ahlost'ses brother also our brother lah! Kekeke =) And also punz, sorry I wasn't at your birthday celebration. Couldn't drop by cos got class. Sowee~

Ok. Loso habis. Now, wishes wishes for you~

Encik Yang Amat Berhansem, Encik Paul Wong~

Ada song to dedicate to you~

Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to you~
Happy beEeEeEeLATED birthday to Paul~
Happy birthday to you~!

I pun don't know your age. Kena I visit your sis'ses blog baru know. So bad lah me. Keke =P

Already 25 liaw this year(tak macam pun). Hahaz! How many wishes should I give you leh?

#Wish you all the best in everything you do~
#May all the angels and saints be with you always~
#May you grow hansem hansem~
#May you always stay healthy and wealthy~
#Wish you happy happy happy always~
#Stay happy stay cool stay cute stay crazy STAY VAIN!!!
#May all your wishes come true~
#Wish you success in your career~
#Last but not least, wish you have a great year ahead!

Presenting Encik Mr Paul Wong Yang Teramat Berhansem~HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PAUL WONG~!


AhPauL said…
Angel... thank you... ^^

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