Happy Birthday Darling~!

Today is my sweet baby's birthday. I'd planned a whole week ahead for this night. Hahaz! Wanted to surprise him lots lots. But my plans kept changing. From A to B to C and to don't know where. Hehe =)

But lastly, I still decide to make full use of the Privilege Book *winks*. I called up Patio (The Terrace Cafe) 4 days ago to make reservation for the two of us. Then I asked if they offer any specials during birthdays. A very nice lady named Flora offered me free dessert. Weee~ So, dinner's done.

Then I headed over Taka Cake House to order a small cake just for him. Using the Privilege Book coupon as well *grins* And as for the present, I brought him to shop for it. Hahahaz! You all must be wondering why eh. Cos I got no time to shop! And the only time I have now is Saturday night which means, the only night out with him also. So, NMW, I'm still getting him the present.

After a long tour at Spring, he finally set his eyes on a very nice white shirt. And that's it. I bought him the shirt and both were happily satisfied. LOLX!

Back to dinner tonight. My reservation was made for 7pm. He didn't even know where I'm bringing him. I just direct him how to go there. Hahaz! Kesian =) *hugs*
The nice interior of Patio. It gives me a very comfortable feeling. Heheee =)
OoH! I love the cushions and pillows and and AND!!! The curtains around US are SUPERB! Flora gave us a seat facing the entrance and with red curtains around. Love it much! So privacy feel =D

A girl came to serve us. Brought us the menu and we ordered. Baby said it's expensive oh. But honey pie, it's once in a year. So it's ok *hugs*

After the order, to baby's surprise. The girl brought us a cake. Hahaz! Actually it's the cake I bought from Taka. I brought it over to Patio in the afternoon (half-day leave). Hiak hiak hiak!!! He was kinda speechless though (but I think he expects that dy) =P
My honey pie making his wish upon his birthday cake. Hehe =) One year older lor dar~ Owh and! See the shirt he's wearing? It's the shirt I got him *happy*
Weeeee~ Finally~ I won't tell his age. Let you all guess. Hahahaz!
A nice small cake just for my sweet baby love~! Happy birthday darling~!

Then our drinks and foods came...
Peach smoothie is darling's while the strawberry smoothie is mine! Blek~ Each smoothie cost RM7.90. Ok right?
I had mixed grill. It consists of four types of meat. Beef, lamb, chicken and fish *slurps* RM22.90 per plate. Not that bad. I couldn't finish it all. Hahaz!
Baby had chicken chop which cost RM14.90. Hehe =) Told'ya all. He complains that it's expensive. Hahaz!

The dinner was fantastic I say. After meal, Flora served us fruits as promised =) Sorry no pics were taken. LOLX! Though it is a lil expensive, but it's worth the try.

Honey pie~ One year older already. Any wishes for this year? Hehe =) Anyway, hereby I would like to wish you all the best in everything you do. I'll always be by your side darling~ And also, I wish all your dreams will come true. Love you much!
HaPpY biRThdAy sWeEt bAby LovE~!

With lots of love;
Perpetua Angeline


ahlost said…
So sweeet ~~

Hahaha.. Happy (belated) Birthday Yong Lim :)
sharon (^.^) said…
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... so shweeeeeeeetttt!!

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