Happy Birthday to US!!!

Last Tuesday, 1st of April. It was no April Fool day for the 3 of us; me, YL and Elina. It's a day to remember!!! I applied for leave and head over another place to work *ShHhH!!* =D As that place requires me to work til 8pm, YL asked me over for dinner at his house. I reached there a lil later than usual dinner hour.

*ahem!* I was there to celebrate Elina's birthday cos her birthday falls on 1st of April. So I didn't expect much from that night. Maybe just sing birthday song and dinner then go home. What I didn't expect WAS!!!
As you can see from the picture above. Foods (duh~) and two cakes!!! Two cakes? I thought. So I went closer to look clearer at the other one.
*OMG!!!!!!!!* That cake is actually for me and YL. Gosh! I was so shocked alright. I thought it was him who bought the cake cos, erm..well...1st of April is also our first month anniversary. Hehe =) But then! What I found out was that, he doesn't even know about the cake being bought! It was his sis, Judy who bought the cake for us.

My birthday and YL's birthday falls in the same month, April. But it's still days away! Sis Judy is really nice. Thanks lots sis! Hehe =) She even bought chocolate cake! My fav!!! =D *slurps*

Well, they're really nice to me, I say =) Love them much much! Really touched with what Sis Judy had done. She's thoughtful. *hugs*
There~ Elina's lil dolphin cake. Cute right? Hehe =) She's same age as my bro. 11years old this year.
Time for songs and wishes and candles blown and cakes cutting! Wah!!! I never had this feeling before. 3 people celebrating birthdays together. It's really something touching to me. Can never forget this day!!!
If all of you were wondering who is Elina. She's YL's niece. Pic above, second on the left. The one in gray top.

Happy Sweet Birthday Dear Gurl~! Hugs!!!

And specially to my sweet baby love, Happy 1st Month Anniversary~! Love you much~!

p/s: I'm really glad I met you and that your family accepted me. Love you all~!


ahlost said…
Wow.. Your sis in law so good de.. Hehehehe.. Didn't know both of you de birthday this month. Tsk tsk.. Should I wish you happy birthday in advance? hiak hiak..
sharon (^.^) said…
yeahhh she soo shweett...

when marry ler?
aNgeL-cuPid said…

Haha! she's really nice lor. Hehe =) our birthday is just a week apart. hehe =)


marry? lolx!!! long time!

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