My birthday celebration

I had my best birthday celebration this year! It was S.U.P.E.R.B!!!! Love it love them love all of you~!

Ok~ Let's see. Previously I had one cake from Sis Judy. Now, this birthday, I had overall 4cakes!!! Of all sizes. Hahaz! Pictures all shown below.
This one above is from my dearest mum. Mum's da best! She bought a small cake. I think only half kg. Exactly alike with the cake that sis bought the other day. Hehe =D Just a lil different with the decor. Instead of strawberries, this one is wish cherries. Yummy~
Then, this one above is from my granduncle, Mr Kuang. So nice of him~! *hugs* I didn't expect he would know my birthday. Amy told him so. Haha! At first I thought it was Amy them who shared and bought the cake, but well, it's really unexpected. *grins*
Um...peach cake with bla bla bla. Sowee~ I didn't really get the details~
This is white chocolate cake. These two cakes above are from Secret Recipe. Treated by Aurelia dear. Very nice of her to treat me to Secret Recipe @ Spring. Hehe =) Kelly was supposed to follow us, but sadly she can't due to some circumstances. *hugs* Love you both!!!

Ok ok~ Enough of cakes. Time for presents. Hahaha!
The BUM purse was from mummy. I wanted to buy a purse for myself, then she said, "Aiya. You go find lah. Then I pay. If later I buy then you don't like." Hahaz! That's my mummy. Bought the purse at Everrise. Dar dar chose that very purse. Hehe =) Thanks mummy and dar dar~ The red animob hp pouch was from my lil bro. He's thoughtful when it comes to my birthday =) Thanks bro~*gasp!* Choon Fung and Amy must have got sixth sense!!! How on earth can they probably know that I wanted a handbag so much??? Hahaz! This silver handbag is from Amy, Choon Fung, Sze Sze, Chew Lian, Clarissa and Bee Bee. THANKS GURLS~! Love you all!!!

Then, it comes to the time to open my sweet darling's present...
Cute blue bear's present paper. Hahaz! Dar said he wrapped it on his own. Awww......
Two things inside. One card and a love-shaped wooden plat =)
The card. Nice darling~ Not gonna reveal what's inside. Blek~ hehehe =D
A closer view of the plat. Dar dar knows I'm so in love with poems. Love you much much dar~! *hugs and kisses*


Perpetua Angeline

p/s: It really was my best birthday ever. My happiest one! With so many lovely angels around me, I can tell all, that I am happy =)


a n n n a said…

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Sorry this came late.. Just got some time to online n just found out.

Have a sweet loving yeaR!!
RaiNboW said…
Hey, din know it's ur birthday.

Happy birthday!! Best wishes. =)
ahlost said…
Happy (belated) birthday, AngelDear !!
SilverIsle said…
Woah. Congratz on your great birthday celebration this year oh. And a very happy belated birthday from me too! =D
aNgeL-cuPid said…
Thank you all for the wishes! it's ok late or what. I'm happy enough~ hugs to you all!!!
levian said…
happy belated birthday !! :D is your birthday very near with your boyfriend's ??

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