Sisters Cafe

Today YL was on leave. So he decided to came over to find me for lunch. For the first time eh. Hehe =) We were both thinking hard of where to lunch since there's not much time and there's only kopitiam around my office area. Then mum suggested a place called Sisters Cafe nearby. She went there with my bro the other day. Said that it's not bad. Since mum said it's not bad, so we head over.

Paisehz. No pichas of the exterior. It's located somewhere behind Thompson Corner at Nanas Road. Hehe =)
A nice mirror at the corner. There's another huge mirror just right beside me facing the counter. Wonder what's it for.
Menu...The price there not that bad oh~ Not as high as expected. The rice some only cost RM4+ to RM5. Drinks, usual price lor~
I ordered Ribena Sprite and YL had ice lemon tea. It's been awhile since I last had Ribena Sprite. Still love it much much!!! Owh, Ribena Sprite RM2.50 and ice lemon tea is RM2.20 =)
And again, and again, AND AGAIN!!! I ordered sweet and sour fish fillet rice. LOLX!!! Cost only RM4.50 eh. But it's a lil too...urm...'chiak beh pa' for me lor. Hiakz~
And as for YL, he ordered K C Mee. Not my fault! That's what they wrote on the bill!!! Hahaz! The K C Mee only cost RM4 and it's so much! *gasp!* No fair!!!

But ah~ Forget about it. They're nice anyway. Hehe =) I'll be going back there next Monday. Gonna treat the rest for lunch =D

p/s: Two weeks left...sobs...


sharon (^.^) said…
i oso love rebina sprite ...

*high 5ive*

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