Happy BeeLated Birthday to YOU all~!

To my Paps (6th May)

#Happy birthday~
#Stay healthy~
#Take good care of yourself~
#God bless~

To my cousin, Sam Koko (6th May)

#Happy birthday~
#May you have a blessed year ahead~
#Stay healthy~
#May God bless you~

To my rose, Rose Wong (7th May)

#Happy birthday gurl~
#May all the angels and saints be with you always~
#Wish you all the best in everything you do~
#Stay cute! Stay vain! Stay crazy! Be yourself!!!

To my panda, Galvin (8th May)

#Happy birthday~
#Stay cute!
#Have a blessed year ahead~
#Wish you luck in everything you do~

Here's a cake for all of you~ Sorry for this very belated post. Hehe =) I know my wishes came late as well via sms. I was and am super busy with work. Anyways, enjoy your life k?

With lots of love,
Perpetua Angeline @ Shuen


ahlost said…
One cake for all of us to share ah? Can I have real cake?
aNgeL-cuPid said…
haha! er...wad cake u wan leh? hehe =)
ahlost said…
Fresh Cream chocolate and pandan sponge cake?
aNgeL-cuPid said…
lolx! wait til i bake. hiak hiak hiak!

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