A little bird was once very safe in her mother's womb. She had then came out from the cracked egg and start learning things. She, was indeed a fast learner. She then start learning how to fly.

One day, she was lead by an eagle to soar the sky. She knew, that if she follows the eagle, she will have to leave her nest. Hesitation did dragged the time. But in the end, she still decided to leave her nest.

She left her nest. Bid farewells with her other brothers and sisters. She followed the eagle away. Away from all the comforts of home.

But, what she didn't know was, where she was going to be at. She flew and flew and flew. Until the eagle stopped and stare. The eagle said to the little bird, "There, that's your place. Go there and I'll be watching you over."

Days passed, she thought she was safe and sound. She began to learn new things. Different from what had been taught back at her nest.

Until suddenly, the volcano got heat up. The sun was shining hot. It was a warzone which she had been into. She never realize it until that afternoon. She was scared. She almost took her impulsive decision but she didn't. She stood there and watch. Watched the mines were being buried underneath, the grenades were all set in place and the large bazooka were positioned.

Alone and afraid. Without any weapons on hand. She almost ran away for cover. But, the eagle came. The eagle which once led her there. The eagle told her to calm down. There is nothing to be afraid of. All she need to do, is to pretend that it's not there.

The war might start anytime. And when the time comes, the little bird, will fight like an eagle.

With full of hopes,
Perpetua Angeline


SilverIsle said…
Heyz gal. Wish you all the very best k. Cheerz! =)
aNgeL-cuPid said…
thanks lots silverisle~
wendybb said…
cool blog ~ chinese vs english ^.^

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