Wesak Day outing

Hola! I'm back to blog! Hahaz! A public holiday today oh~ Do you think I'll be home? Nah! Out out and around! I've been SUPER DUPER HYPER busy with work work and more work!!! My baby did update some stuff I believe? Hehe =) Newayz, some pichas I took around today. Let's see where I've been aye?

7 early 8 early mum called me to bring bro out =.=''' Reluctant, but still terpaksalah! Brought bro out to Kenyalang to change his PS games, which I bought for him as birthday presie. Can't play lor. That's why had to change. Went all the way from Matang to Kenyalang but si beh soi! The shop haven't open =.=''' Lagi sweat!

I'm suppose to be at my baby's house at 11am sharp but at 10.30am I just left Kenyalang to send bro to aunty's house. Si beh mahuan! Had to go all the way from Kenyalang to Nanas rd. Ish! But don't care lah. Since today I drove mum's car so fuel is on her. Hahaz!

Manage to make it on time to baby's house. He wanted to watch the Forbidden Kingdom so much that it's the last few days dy. He ngey ngey wana watch. So ok lah. We went to watch.
This is somewhere near Chonglin (duh!). Why road no car??? Isn't it suppose to be a day for everyone to go out? Funny heh. Hehehe =D
Even the temple is very quiet. Hmm...But I know alot of people went to Ju Shi Lin cos got some food fair or something like that over there. Passed by while on my way to baby's house. Quite jam. There's even a traffic police standing in the middle of the road. LOLX!
See that building? I don't know what is it but looks quite nice to me. Heee~

After movie, we went for lunch at Jadepot. One of our fav place to dine. It's clean, serves nice food and with reasonable price. Nice! After lunch, we head over to Kenyalang again. Just to change the stupid PS games. Ish ish! But we seem to have no where to go. Then baby said, why not go over the newly opened Scoops? Anyone know? Hehe =) It's located just opposite Ju Shi Lin temple. Next to Ah Lung Hair Saloon. Not bad lah. But the environment still lost to the one opposite Hilton. Still love it~

After Scoops, the weather was si beh juakz! So we headed home. Not his home not my home. It's his old house. Hiakz~ I've never go in there. Only dropped by to collect stuff. This is my first time into the house. It's still fully furnished though been left empty for about 2years. It's quite cool inside. Nice~ Very wide house. Dahlah old house. Hehe =) We spent times there. Doing some checking and cleaning. And around 6pm we headed home.

Home sweet home~!

And here now, I'm sitting in front of pc blogging. LoLx! That's life in Kuching. With no place to go, better rest at home. Hahaz!
With much loves~
-aNgeL cuPid-

p/s: I finally found my cupid *winks*


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