What do I want...

What is this all about? Being patient. But, for how long? God knows. Without knowledge without skills, with nothing. What can be done?

Shoot the bird alive? Or jump over the wall without considering about what might awaits me at the other side of the wall? I need something. But how to request for it? How? When I don't even know what do I really need?

Tomorrow, should I put my bet down? Onto something which I ain't sure.

It's never the right time to do anything. I'm never ready to go for it.

Can I just be who I want to be? Can I? Without disappointing anyone? Can I?



ahlost said…
Sometimes I also don't know what do I want. I often lost in life. But planning definitely helps. Do give it a try and I'm sure there are some changes in your life :)

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