Gifts from sis

Just some gifts to show. They're all from my baby's sis which is also my taukenio. She's very nice towards me when it comes to gift. Hahaz!This pearl necklace was given to a few chosen staffs. Not all have them. Hehe =) I like mine!
These are Estee Lauder's make up brush set. The other day she just purchased two big sets of Estee Lauder make up kits. And she said that she had too many brushes put aside. I asked for it and there, she gave them to me! Muah! Hehehe =D She also did gave me a Estee Lauder Lipstick. Nice leh~

She said something to me. IF I manage to hit my sales target, she will get me, maybe! A set of make up kit by Estee Lauder. *dreamz* Hehehe =D

So, wish me luck with my sales!!! By the way, I had 50k sales target to hit this month. I really need to "pump fuel". Hahaz! Lately having miss quite a few cons. I hope it won't happen again. Sobs...


ahlost said…
Wow.. So nice.. ahlost didn't get any gift for very long liao wor.. How ler?
aNgeL-cuPid said…
where is jf leh? hehehe =D

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