Happy 6th Month Anniversary!!!

1st of September was a day to remember for both of us. It's our 6th month anniversary. With the promotion from Rakutei, we both decided to splurge for our memorable day.
We arrived at Rakutei about 12.40pm. The entrance is what attracts me most.
These are the wallpapers by the entrance.
Now this, is what I call, attraction! I'm so in love with the cozy environment and the warm welcome of the entrance.
Hehe =) Just found this thing cute.
We were welcomed by a kitty miao. It says, turn left for ala-carte and right for buffet. So there we go, the buffet side.
It's quite dark in there and due to my *ahem* shyness, most of my pictures were taken in the dark =( Too bad lor.
Eeek! I just love the Japanese feel. The lights, the seats. The other side of the mirror were those floor seats.
This is a huge wallpaper beside our table. It's a picture of the busy street of Japan.
Yummy~ Pictures of sushis~~~~
*slurps* But I feel a lil gross looking at the octopus =/
Here comes the menu. Priceless. Haha! Cos it's buffet!!! RM50 per pax btw. Hehe =)
Table number 74. Eee! So ugly number =.='''
The culinary set. Just chopstick and plate and a sauce dish.
There will be free flow of green tea. Hehe =) Green tea is good for health.
This is the first dish. Um...sorry ah. I forgot almost all of their names. This dish contains of 5 different raw fish. I know got salmon and mackerel fish. The rest not sure. The fish all are chosen by the chef.
This one is vegetable salad. Contains lectuces, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and don't know what. It's um...not to my satisfaction though. I should have ordered the potato salad instead =(
This is avocado temaki. Not nice. Haha! I never like temaki. I didn't eat it. Baby did. He? No comment. Hahahaz!
There, the one and only shot with flash. Si beh pai seh nye!!!
Crabstick punya maki. Hehe =) Just normal.
This is fried dumpling. Baby ordered this and I fainted. I asked him to decide the order then hor! Dia ini china man hor! Dia pigi order itu fried dumpling =.=''' Haha! Don't angry o o~
This is California maki. Nice nice!
And these, are SUPERB! I love these!!! They are the salmon salad and tuna salad sushi. Yum yum yum!!! Two thumbs up for these!!!
These are my favourite. Salmon and tuna. *slurps*
This is fried king prawn. Haha! Not so nice leh.
And lastly, to my very disappointment, the mix fruits and the mochis. The mochi still ok since the waitress said its very small. The fruits really disappoint me lor. When you see the word Mix Fruit in the menu, what do you normally expect? A bowl filled with small pieces of fruits right? But look at what they served. I faint the moment I saw it. Hahaha!

In the end, we ordered another 2 mix fruits. Haha! So there, the total splurge were RM105. Rm5 were charge cos we only have 1 privilege card. They didn't mention we need two for two person!!! Si beh kanasai!

But oh well, I'm still satisfied with this meal. An experience I call.

After luncheon, we walk walk around Crown Square. I bought Aurelia's birthday gift there. And got myself a gift too. Hehe =D
Baby gave this necklace to me as our anniversary present. Thanks dear~ *hugs*
o.O??? Baby shot this pic. Don't know why also. Haha!

Anyway, here's to my sweet love~

Thanks for the treat~ Loving you always~



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