Happy Birthday Elicia~!

Last Sunday was baby Elicia's birthday. We celebrated her birthday at the Thai restaurant below Lok Thian. I forgot the name. Hehe =) The food there was ok lah. I don't really like Thai food though.

After dinner, we went home for the cake-cutting.Chocolate cake. From Taka I suppose. Hehe =)

I love this picture. Love to take pictures of candles. Hehe =)
Grandma and the kids all sing Happy Birthday song for baby Elicia. She was using a hair wig. Haha! Cute leh!!!
Cake cutting! All were looking at the camera except baby Elicia who is looking at her mummy and also her bro who is obviously looking at the cake. Haha!
Grandma feed Elicia. Yum yum!
That's Elicia and her eldest sis, Elina.
She kept digging her fingers into the cake. Kids kids~
Yum~! Delicious! Hehe =D Cute lil Elicia~



jimmychin said…
Bangkok Thai Restaurant... wakakakkaa
ahlost said…
Cute Elicia..
Yummilicious cake !! o_O

Suddenly craving for cakes !!

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