Imperial Duck

Last weekend we went to tryout the newly opened Yak Wang (Imperial Duck). It was the first time for me there but not for him. He ever went there for breakfast with his family once.
Imperial Duck! Why so imperial? From the kingdom? Hehe =)
The menu. The pricing I think ok ok lah. Nowadays you won't find any price below RM5 per dish lor. Right? =)
This is just part of the menu.
They serve dim sum as well. But not for dinner. As I heard, they have different menu for different meals. Dim sum is only being served in the morning.
The interior. I love the design at the ceiling.

=.=''' Why even this also wana photograph?
Our drinks. I kinda forgot what we ordered. One is lime juice and the other not sure.
This is mine. Imperial Duck Rice. The duck ah. Like not being feed at all. No meat =.=''' I wasn't full ok! Urgh!
Although they do look very delicious. Just the look.
This is his. Imperial Duck Noodle. His is better than mine but not much difference as well. Cos the ducks are from the same origin. Hahaz!

Til then, chaoz~

p/s: I won't be going back there again. Kinda disappoint me ={



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