Memories Cafe

This was the 1st time stepped in Memories Cafe at BDC Green Height.Environment there... Er..Er.. How to describe ho. not much people leh. seem like all the people there is ka ki nan.. only 2 of us dine there nia... hehe...
At there, something funny happened. i request for some tomato sauce (also known as ketchup, as pronounced by Angel). then ho., she call up the waitress there for ''ketchup'' (it sound like kicap).. haha.. end up they really bring over the kicap... o_O'''''''.
I think ho, the waitress oso feel funny lo.. then they keep bisik bisik there about Ketchup liao.... Aiyo.. paisei la, make them blur nia.. Anyway, nobody is perfect la... :-D

Feeling myself in 60's

:: Interior view
:: Lonely candle light (stand alone by itself. >.<)

: : Culinary set
Lime juice (add on) ~RM1.60, Chinese tea ~RM1.20

Beef Spaghetti ~ RM8.00
Grilled chicken chop ~ RM8.00


ahlost said…
Hahahaha.. Ketchup/kicap..
aNgeL-cuPid said…
ngaiti! i paisehz betolz!!!

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