Organic from Melilea

Last week I bought a green thing from next door. It's called the Organic. I asked Hellen to help me buy from Melilea. The reason I bought this?

People around me had been telling me I need to clean my tummy. Need to detox it (O.o)? Then I heard from my colleagues that this organic thing works. And so, I decided to give it a try.

Before I buy, I asked Hellen to let me try a little bit to see if I like the taste of it. Well, it's all organic stuff, so it's just alright for me.
This huge bottle cost me RM169 (member price). If non-member, I heard it's more than RM200. Expensive oh!!!
Nutrition and revitalex. Haiz. Whatever it is. Eat nia lah! As long it can beautify my skin. Mwahahahaha!!! I had to take this each morning before my breakfast. About 200ml each time.
See! It's all made out of vegetables! So it's definitely healthy! I hope it works too. Let's be a white mice for once. Hehe =)



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