Anniversary dinner @ Garden Hill

Last night baby and I went to Garden Hill to have our anniversary dinner. It was postponed due to some circumstances. Anyway, actually we wanted to have it at Shiloh but unfortunately it was closed. So there we go, Garden Hill which is located at 4th floor of Taman Kereta.This is the main entrance. We actually went in through the side way. Haha! Then baby went to snap a few shots of the place.
I'm not quite sure where is this signboard been places at. Cos I'm not the one taking this pic.
And the same goes to this one as well. They're nice aren't they? =)
This is the menu put by the entrance.
From our seat viewing to the back of the restaurant.
Huge screen just beside us. Teeheehee~ It's by the edge of the pool.
This blue lights are just next to out table. They goes blinking.
Hmm...nice place huh...
There's a lil hut below the restaurant. Not so sure what is it inside.
Just a lil exterior view...
That's our drinks. Baby ordered Iced Bubble Peach Green Tea and I had Blue Curacao Soda Drink. Not bad *grins*
They served main western foods but do have some local foods like rendang, nasi lemak and sorts. I had creamy carbonara cooked with turkey ham and mushroom.
This is baby's meal. Chicken Bolognese. Looks yummy~

The dinner was my treat. Costed me RM44.65 overall included tax. But I say, it's worth the experience. Love the environment and foods.
Great place for romantic meal...



ahlost said…
I wanna try the food there too :)

Are those pasta nice?

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