Back to life~

The other day I went to Saberkas with mia darling. Wanted to look around for my bro's pc. And you know what I ended up with?

Hehehe =D

A life back!!!

Back to dancing!

It's been quite some time since I stopped dancing at EarthDance. Haven't been dancing anywhere else too. So I decided to buy myself a dance mat as my bro has a PS2. Hehe =D

Slurps...This dance mat costed me RM38. Actually I wanted to spend RM50 on both the mat and a ring for myself. But in the end, I spent most of it just on the mat itself and didn't get myself any ring.
Tadah~! I started dancing the next day. Haha! Accompanied by my bro. But he only plays it with the controller. Hehe =)
Stay Cool babeh! Hehe =)



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