Catch Snake~


Today I took off day. Hiak hiak hiak!

Let's see my diary for the day...

:: 17-10-2008 ::

6.45am - Woke up
6.50am - Called darling
7.00am - Shower
7.15am - ONLINE! Muahahaha!!! (While eating breakfast) Kekeke =D
7.45am - Mum called to ask where am I and what am I doing
8.00am - Dressed up and made up
8.30am - Left home and headed over ING
8.40am - Reached ING and waited for mum
8.48am - Mum reached and headed over Maybank
8.55am - Reached Maybank (haven't open =.=''')
9.15am - The first customer to be served. Nyehehe =D
10.05am - All things done. Account created. Cheque deposited. Cash deposited *happy* =D Headed over Digi centre.
10.15am - Reached Digi centre and was very satisfied with the service. Had my MTV Powerpack plan changed to the latest Prepaid I Like plan with added SuperSMS. Woo Hoo!!!
10.45am - Went back to ING. Mum want to go Toto. I went up to visit Ms Chan. Sadly my granduncle was having meeting. Everyone having meeting. Sienz~
11.15am - Head over Mini Poslaju with mum. Curi curi see the price rate. Kekeke =D
11.30am - Time to find baby for lunch
11.40am - Arrived and waited
11.50am - Went over Jadepot for lunch
12.30pm - Baby said to go RHB bank wana tut tut $$
12.45pm - Went to Nationwide Express to ask about the rate. Ended up, found out it's all a misunderstanding. Haiz... Long long story
1.15pm - Went over Public Bank behind Everise. Saw Sultanah's car in front of Tom's with many police. A lot of Digi people walking around Padungan area =.='''
1.45pm - Sent baby back to work
1.55pm - Passed by St Jo to look for bro but didn't found him. Should be mummy already picked him up lor
2.05pm - Went to Satok Unisense. Saw Barbara, Wilfred, Sophyna, Siti and Puspa. Then walked to Guardian pharmacy and bought the Nivea lip care essential
2.15pm - Drove back home
2.30pm - Reached home
2.40pm - Helped mum dyed her hair
3.00pm - ONLINE! Nyahahaha!
3.45pm - Writing this post while chatting with baby and kelly. Gonna sleep soon.

Hmm...plans for later...

5.30pm - Wake up from nap and shower
6.00pm - Gonna dress up in my gold mini dress and put on light make ups
6.30pm - Will leave home and go baby's house
7.00pm - Reach baby's home and out to Patio
7.30pm - Time said to reach Patio and celebrate baby's friend's bday

Dinner and dinner and drinks and drinks don't know til what time lor. Hehe =) That's all for today~




ahlost said…
Wahhh.. A day full of activities :D

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