Recently I'm so lovin' all these espadrilles wedges. Haha! Just now went for window shopping at Spring. Spotted a few at Charles & Keith, Nose and Viss. *dreaming* Hehehe =D

But a lil sad lor. Cos due to my height, I can't wear the oh-so-high wedges. Urgh! Sometimes I do wish I'm just 2inch shorter. Hahaha!
I love those wedges whereby its wooden and not the whole heel is of the same color. Cos I love the casual look. Can pair it with anything and wear it to any occasion I want! Kekeke =D

Love checkers!!! Preferably red =D~
Look! Red! Haha! My bf said that red suits my mum more =.='''
*slurps* Kekeke =D So in love with espadrilles. Hahaha!

Nothing much about this post. Just my recent craves =D Gonna get one when I got my increment next month. Muahaha!

By the way, I'm now a confirm staff at Unisense Boutique. Had just signed the confirmation letter yesterday. Heehee =P Til then,



Sweet^_^Angel said…
The last pair very nice!!! i like the ribbon!! recently wanna try on red shoes but scare a bit kua zhang =x
aNgeL-cuPid said…
No lah. wont be so kua zhang o. Give it a shot. try lil black dress with chilli red pumps. it'll look fascinating! hehe =)

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