Yay~! Finally the air tickets are all BOOKED!!!

After such long discussion, we all had a deal. We'll head over to Langkawi and KL on July 2009! Who are we?

1 = Me myself and I
2 = My darling
3 = Hellen
4 = Hellen's darling
5 = Pinky
6 = Greg

YES! The 6 of us are heading there for FUN FUN AND MORE FUN!!!

Thanks to Greg's mom for helping us book the tickets. I tried to book it on my own but sadly, baby's card can't go through. My debit card punz useless. Sighz! In the end, had to bother Greg's mom.

Firstly we will be flying from Kuching to LCCT then transit to Langkawi where the eagle awaits us! *oops!* Sounds like it's awaiting its prey (O.o)!!!
We'll be there for 2 nights then back to KL~ I still don't know which hotel to stay and where to loiter around while at Langkawi. Still searching....Anyone with info please be kind and let me know ya? Hehe =D

Then when at KL. We planned to head up Genting!
Awww....I miss Genting much!

Then back to KL again. We'll get wet at Sunway Lagoon! Yeapz! The most fun place to go!
This will be my first vacation with my darling and friends. I do hope much that things will go smoothly before, during and of course, after =) No harm having fun~

Til then~


ahlost said…
Wahhh.. So nice :)

I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself very much :)
aNgeL-cuPid said…
hehe~ thanks~ air tic dy booked but not hotel. cos the rate for that time not out yet. so sad lor~

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