Hair Loss

Diuz lor! I myself is a hair consultant and I'm having hair loss. Sigh!!! How leh?

Why I got hair loss ah? Hair loss has many many many reasons.

1. Lifestyle
2. Eating diet
3. Work stress
4. Genetic
5. Erm...I'll tell when I think of something else. Mind kinda block right now.

Very scary ok! Hair loss is really really scary!!! Can never imagine myself WITHOUT ANY HAIR! OMG! BOLD! sobs...

BUT! Of course everything has its cure. Recently I got quite a few feedbacks from my customer. Saying that our shampoo actually works! Is that a miracle or what?

The other day Siaw Wui bought the shampoo first and tried it once. Her hair immediately became different. Instead of her usual brittle hair, her hair was smooth right away! I was kinda surprise when I saw her that morning but didn't question her until she said it herself.

Miracle huh? So well, after a long and super duper hyper long complain to my darling. He asked me to buy the shampoo and try. Saying that he will pay half of the amount. Weee~ purchased the shampoo! I wanted to buy 2 actually. But after a few thoughts, since I'm just trying out, I'll take once first. Then last night, darling gave me RM50 for the shampoo. He said it's ok. Awww...thanks honey! Muackz! You da best!

I do hope the shampoo works on me. Really scared now lah. Sigh...


ahlost said…
Where did you buy the shampoo?
aNgeL-cuPid said…
my office leh. unisense lah. hahaha!

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