Happy 8th Month Anniversary~!

Last night me and darling celebrated our anniversary over at Momoyama. He'd been there before with his bro but for me, it's my first time there. Hehe =) But! I just wana say, this place kinda disappoint me. I'd rather choose Sushi King!

Anyway, the exterior of this place is nice but not the interior.The menu...
They have varieties of salads and appetizers. Very costly though.
I love this one and would very much like to try it BUT! The price made me fainted on the spot!
So in the end, we only ordered rice =.=''''
This is the interior. Not so nice lor~
Just normal~
But I like the culinary and the other things that they use. Like the tissue box. Hehe =)
And the towels and plates and chopsticks~
Oh~ I think I got the virus from my granduncle. In love with the teapot set! Hahaha!
They served cabbage before the meal.
This is Oyako (I think). It's chicken meat with egg covering the rice and do you know the price? RM16 my goodness! =.='''
And this??? Kijiyaki Chicken. Something like Teriyaki Chicken. The meat so lil nia! Kns! Also RM16! *faint*

The green tea we had were RM5. But that's worth it lah. Cos they came with filled cups and full teapot. Hehe =)

Drinks can only soothe your throat
Foods can only fill your stomach
But what I gave
Hugs and kisses
Cares and company
Love and my soul
Will fill your life
Not just with love
But endless happiness
I love you dear
From my little heart




ahlost said…
Wahh.. so sweet !!

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