More than 12hours spent with darling~!

Last Saturday I had my happiest and most fun day ever! For the first time I actually spent more than 12hours in a day with my darling~! Muackz baby! Hehe =) Wana know where I went? Then continue reading~


7.30am ~ I woke up! (O.o)''' SUPER EARLY!!! I think I somehow got used to waking up at this hour during Saturday. Haha! Then I got nothing else to do so I came online. Chatted around with Fung. She's working there cos the holiday is only at Sarawak. Heee =)
9.00am ~ Hellen called to ask how is the plan going and who's gonna pick her up. I did told Clement to ask if Hellen need him to pick her up. Then I don't know how the rest goes. Hehe =)
10.30am ~ Got ready for the day. Baby came and there~ Our adventures start!
10.50am ~ Arrived at my aunty's house. Drop my bro there and headed over....... POPWAVE!!! (I've made my reservation few days ago. Hiak hiak hiak!)
11.00am ~ Reached POPWAVE. The parking spaces were full. I had to turn a few rounds then got a space somewhere in front of Banana Split.

We started singing~ Weee~ Hehehe =D At first we only ordered drinks. Then Hellen said it's so boring. Got nothing to chew. So Amanda went to order some snacks. There's our keropok and handphones for sale! Hahaha!

At about 12 something, our lunch set came. Hehe =D My tummy was there growling dy. Each of us have one bowl of rice, one bowl of egg soup and a plate of fish fillet + salad + chicken + tomato. Hehe =) Yummy~ *slurps*

Feel like eating? Hehehe =D Now the lunch is really worth the money.

This is Hellen singing and Clement beside her. She really enjoys singing much. Kept singing non-stop. Hahaha! With friend like her, you'll never be bored!

From left to right: Clement, Hellen, Amanda and my darling. Hehe =) I forgot what song were they singing dy.

2.00pm ~ We got chased out from Popwave. Haha! Then we headed over Banana Split for some drinks.
3.30pm ~ Clement received a call from his friend and we headed over to Spring. Hehe =) I wanted to search for Ms Chan's present but couldn't find. We all got splited at Spring. Haha! Me and darling went over Dessert and had some ice-cream. Not pichas~
4.30pm ~ The two of us headed home, leaving the 3 of them there at Spring. Hehe =)
5.00pm ~ Reached home and took a short nap.
6.00pm ~ Woke up and got ready for dinner. Hehe =)
6.40pm ~ Drove down to Rock Road Seafood Restaurant to celebrate darling's sis's birthday who is also my taukenio. Hehe =)

What will be the first thing I do when I reach such a party? CAMERA ON! Hahaha!
Yummy watermelons~
Mout-watering mangoes~
*slurps* ahh~ Let the picture tells~
I were told that these breads are suppose to be dipped into the prawn's sauce which is the signature dish.
OoOooo....makes me drool....
I love mantou! So long didn't eat dy. Hehe =D~ what is it dy. Heee~
All I know is all the foods makes me wana drool now. Haha!
The backdrop.
Barbie cake? Haha! But very nice ah! The inside is chocolate! OMG! I so regret I didn't finish mine.
Cupcakes with her kids' names. 4 kids she has.
Wilfred was the MC of the night. Then again, he and Hellen started the party with a song called "Ni Zui Zhen Gui".
Family photo.

Whole big family =D
With sister and mum~
Rock Rock Boutique staff~ Hehehe =D Spot me? Hiakz!
Satok Boutique staff~ See any similar person? Hahaha!

9.00pm ~ People start to get going. Then we (staff) also leave. They said wanted to go T1 but at first baby doesn't wana go. Then I don't know how Hellen(muackz) did manage to persuade him and he agreed to go together. Haha!
9.30pm ~ Reached T1. We were there way too early. Still not so many people but slowly people are coming in. I didn't order any drinks cos baby doesn't allow. He had coke and I just share. Then we start playing around. Dance and shake to the beat~

My first time there.
Very nice interior. I heard they renovated already.
See~ Not such big crowd.
These pictures were taken by baby as I were there dancing with the girls. Haha!
We had so much fun that night~ Overall, the whole day were full of fun fun and FUN! Never will I forget that day. Will come back to these places again!

Live your life to the fullest while you still can!


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