My soft black lil bolero


This noon baby asked me for movie at Star Cineplex. I brought along my lil black bolero cos I'm just wearing my black spaghetti top. But when we reached there, at the carpark, still in the car. I took out my jeans jacket from the glove box.


This is when I don't know where the hell did my bolero went! I totally forgot about it cos was somehow rushing. I think I dropped it at the parking area. Sobs...

Cry cinz! I only found out that it's lost after we left Star Cineplex. Sienz lah! What a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad day! Urgh! I so love that bolero ok. It was given by darling's sis. I love it cos I can pair it with anything that I'm wearing. Sienz ah!!!

Now can anyone tell me where to find the exact same ones?

It's black. 3 quarter sleeve. Soft material. Not silk! It's cotton! And it's SUPER SOFT! There's no button or pins. It's just to tie as a ribbon in front. Sigh....

I really wanted to go back there to look for it but I guess...someone must have picked it up. Sobs...


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