Stress working life..

Recently facing alot of problem in workplace.. facing the people which same level as me it just fine. The problem is all the Senior here acting more like SENIOR.. all have their own way of thinking and not accept suggestion from junior staff.Eventhough they said can raise our opinion if not satisfy with the environment or the system in the company.But i think end up it just look like a shit.They all are not helpful.Only thing i can do is, learn to be INDEPENDENCE !!! The moral of story... don't be too depending on other people. Ok..

Workload here also alot till i really need to extend my my documents to the next table.But i can't do that coz got any collegue sit beside me. :-(


Comparing with my previous company,there is much more better from now.All collegues there are more friendly,helpful,concerning with each other and etc.Therefore i miss them alot....Haha !!!

Til then..



ahlost said…
Hope you'll get used to the new environment soon :)

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